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Self Care Version of 75 Hard - 75 Soft

My daughter and I spending time at the lake. One of our favorite summer activities

Have you all ever heard of 75 hard? You can read a little bit about it here, but basically it’s both a physical and mental challenge to test your discipline and grit and basically promises to transform your life. I somehow found myself on “75 Hard TikTok” and I was slightly inspired. Not to do the original 75 hard, but to essentially use the original as a guide and great my own. Here’s what the original entails:

  • Follow any nutrition plan designed for your goals, with zero alcohol and no cheat meals.

  • Complete two 45-minute workouts every day, one of which must be outside.

  • Drink a gallon of water every day.

  • Read 10 pages of an educational or self-improvement non-fiction book every day. (Audiobooks and podcasts do not count.)

  • Take a progress picture every day.

The two biggest things that would keep me from doing the original challenge would be the 2, 45 minute workouts one of which has to be outside – have you ever spent 75 days in the Midwest? We can absolutely experience all 4 seasons in 75 days haha. And drinking a gallon of water a day. I’m lucky if I finish one of my water bottles that’s 26 ounces.

My 4th of July outfit for the lake. My pants are summersault, my top is J Crew and they are covering a J Crew swimsuit.

So watching all these TikToks got me thinking about adjusting it to more of a Self care version of 75 Hard, or a 75 Soft if you will, because I’ve truly been slacking and I can really tell. So here is what I’m proposing my 75 hard looks like:

  • Follow any nutrition plan designed for my goals with zero alcohol and no cheat meals (for me this will be going gluten free/only eating whole grains. No white bread or pasta for me)

  • Move my body every day – whether it’s a walk or one of my workout classes. Bonus points if I get both in!

  • Drink 52 ounces of water a day – two of my 26 oz Yeti ramblers

  • Do my morning and evening skin care routine every day

  • No social media. Really utilize my free time to read, create content, work on a hobby – I will however try to post periodic updates on my progress.

Really not all that different than the original challenge, but slightly more catered to me that I know is much more achievable. I had been so good with my self-care routine before Emma was born, but really got thrown for a loop once she got here. Plus, there's a whole lot to be said for self-image here, but I'll save that for another post maybe. But now that I feel like we have gotten into a good routine with Emma and she’s 6 months old, I feel like I can add focus back on to me. I plan to start Sunday, September 3rd 4th. 75 days later would be Friday, November 17th, which is the day before my birthday. And yes, I did that on purpose that I could end with a celebration and a glass of wine! Or maybe not, we’ll see what 75 days of no alcohol does to my love for wine.

Even though I plan to stay off social media, I do still want to share progress pics over on Instagram, so be sure to follow me over there to make sure I’m keeping up!

Our family at Pizza on the Farm, an organic farm near our home. This photo was the inspiration for my version of 75 Hard.



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