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I'm excited to finally put my first 101 in 1001 List up on the internet! I have been keeping this list written on paper since July of 2021. So what is a 101 in 1001 List? It's a list of 101 things that I'd like to accomplish in the next 1001 days (2.75 years). I have a combination of short term goals that I knew I could accomplish on here, and a list of longer term goals that I really HOPE to get done. As much, as I'd like to complete the whole list by times up (4/17/24), we'll see how far I get. But it's kind of a fun exercise! I first got the idea from Mackenzie Horan who I think was the originator of this idea. She's currently on her 4th list so if you want to check out hers and everyone else's she lists, click over HERE! And without further ado, I present: my 101 in 1001 List!


Start: 7/21/2021

End: 4/17/24


1. Become Parents

2. Visit 3 new baseball stadiums - Coors Field (8/21/21)

3. Visit 5 new bookstores - Tattered Cover, MacDonald in Estes Park, Faulkner Books in NOLA, Garden District Bookstore in NOLA

4. Visit 3 new breweries/wineries - Breckenridge Brewing (8/21/21), Topsy Turvey (1/22), Blue Slip Knoxville (2/19/22)

5. Visit 4 new coffee shops - Mountain View, French Truck in NOLA, Fourth Wall in NOLA

6. Visit 5 new farmer's markets

7. Attend a county or state fair - Walworth County Fair (9/2021)

8. Have professional photos of us taken - 2021, 2022, 2023

9. Have an unplugged weekend

10. Celebrate 5 years of marriage - 2022

11. Have my wedding dress shortened (June 2022)

12. Do a sunrise hike

13. Take a cooking class with AJ

14. Spend a day antiquing other than Volo 


15. Pay off AJ's student loans

16. Pay of Terrain

17. Save and buy something high end designer for myself - Strathberry Wallet (4/22)

18. Put $10 in savings for each goal we accomplish

19. Reach $5K in Betterment savings

20. Contribute 10% to my 401K

21. Create an estate plan/future finances


22. Get a membership to a gym - Wild Roots (1/2022)

23. Learn how to golf

24. Learn how to paddleboard

25. Reach my goal weight of 130 lbs

26. Take ski lessons


27. Go on a road trip - Colorado (August 2021)

28. Take a day trip to a new to us town

29. Visit Columbus

30. Go to the Bourbon Trail/Horse Country

31. Visit New Orleans - May 2022

32. Create photo books of our travels

33. Horseback ride on a non-trail ride

34. Go on a fall foliage trip

35. Go on trip with another couple

36. Visit a state neither of us has been to - Louisiana (May 2022)

37. Fly first class

38. Buy AJ new luggage

39. Buy a new carry on for myself

40. Take a weekend trip with the Schmidt family

41. Go wine tasting with the girls - Knoxville (2/18/22-2/21/22)

42. Spend a winter weekend at a cozy cabin

43. Go to the beach! - Hilton Head (10/2021)


44. Experience AIRE Ancient Baths in Chicago

45. Visit the Museum of Science and Industry

46. Spent a night downtown Chicago

47. Go to the McHenry Drive In

48. Visit the town of New Glarus

49. Go see the zoolights at Lincoln Park Zoo

50. Go the to Elkhorn Flea Market - 9/26/21

51. Rent wave runners on Lake Geneva for the day


52. Finish the back patio

53. Re-do the deck

54. Build a shed

55. Decide on whether we want a pool or a hot tub

56. Cleanout and organize the garage and garage attic

57. Grow enough flowers for a full bouquet

58. Grow everything I can for pasta salad

59. Find the perfect bird bath - May 26, 2022

60. Replant the front garden - May 2022

61. Have a garage sale - 8/13 & 8/14/21

62. Find a new outdoor table

63. Find chairs for around the fire pit


64. Complete our bedroom

65. Complete front entry

66. Build built in fireplace

67. Build book case in living room

68. Find a new chandelier for the kitchen/dining room

69. Find new kitchen island stools

70. Buy a meaningful piece of art for our home

71. Finish the basement

72. Decorate a nursery

73. Install wallpaper somewhere in our home - coat closet (12/12/21)

74. Buy something Ralph Lauren Home


75. Restart Etsy Shop

76. Take a photographing interiors course

77. Take an interior design course

78. Post on Instagram everyday for a month

79. Take a floral arranging class

80. Create a business plan for bookstore

81. Create business plan for Air BnB idea

82. Create a Visit Lake Geneva Guide

83. Restart blog - April 2022

84. Find a small business mentor

85. Go to a blogger meet and greet

86. Be profitable on Etsy


87. Do another no shopping ban

88. Learn how to make a latte at home

89. Read the book "Bad Blood"

90. Learn how to drive a boat

91. Host an outdoor BBQ party when our patio is complete

92. Host a holiday dinner party

93. Go to non "Big Four" sporting event

94. See another ballet

95. Read all the books we own before buying any new ones

96. See another musical

97. Only buy books from library sales or used bookstores

98. Send out Christmas cards - 2021, 2022, 2023

99. Start a pay it forward at Starbucks

100. Find a volunteer opportunity I can commit to

101. Do a personal stylist/color consultation

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