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One Room Challenge - Week 7

Our Weigela are blooming beautifully already

We’re nearing the end on this one, and it’s going to be a REAL close call. The details of our garden beds are taking a bit longer than we had originally planned, but I think it will be worth it. They are going to be really beautiful.

The bulk of our work this week was the lattice squares on the beds. I know it might seem funny to have these square feet sectioned off in each bed, but that’s our gardening method. We are using the Square Foot Gardening method (more on that in a future post) for growing flowers and veggies and part of this method is literally creating 1ft by 1ft sections to grow different veggies or flowers in. And because we want to keep the spacing year after year, we wanted something that would stand up over time. Last year, we just used twine and landscape staples to section off our square feet boxes, but they didn’t last. So this year we wanted to go with wood. But finding lattice in the exact dimensions we needed proved difficult. We actually purchased 2x4s and AJ ripped them down using a table saw to make what we need.

He then carved out notches along the sides of the boxes so that the lattice would lay flush. He screwed them in instead of nailing because we will need to pull them up once a year to be able to till the garden beds and add organic material to get ready for each planting season.

Our finished Square Foot lattice. Now just to add the decorative lip

We will be adding a decorative lip that covers the notched areas as well to "dress up" the boxes a bit and to hide the screws and notches. We will be screwing that lip instead of nailing as well so that we can unscrew them when we need to pull up the lattice to till the dirt.

We also ordered our arched trellis’ and had them delivered this week. We’re waiting to get the lattice in place and then will place the trellis.

We’re coming up on the last week of the challenge and we are MOSTLY done with the hard work. What’s left to complete before the 29th?

  • Finishing the lattice

  • Finishing the edges on the garden beds

  • Mulch, mulch, mulch

  • Flagstone stepping stones

  • Bird bath

  • Planting veggies and flowers

  • Border stones on Hosta side

  • Building the arch trellis’

Our transplanted Allium are looking great among the hostas

Some of the many planters I will be filling this week

I think we can do it….we are going to bust our butts to try and get it done. We are also hosting a Memorial Day gathering on the 30th, so even more motivation for us to get it done!



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