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One Room Challenge - Week 2

Our very quick Easter stoop to add a little bit of color for this weekend

Last week I shared the mood board of our garden plans for the One Room Challenge. Or rather, multiple garden plans. And of course, we’re already slightly behind. The weather in the Midwest doesn’t always cooperate very well. But, I’m confident that we’ll catch up at some point in the next 7 weeks.

I did create a tentative schedule for each step of the process and during which week I wanted to complete those steps, but because of the weather, and our trip to New Orleans coming up, I know I need to be flexible on what ACTUALLY happens each week. And like I said above, of course we’re already behind. But that’s ok. I do have a few updates to share for this week, though. We host Easter brunch each year, and with this Sunday being Easter, I was able to find a few pre-planted Tulips, Daffodils and Hyacinth from Home Depot to be able to plant on our front stoop. And of course a little festive bunny as well.

This week, we’re going to be starting the demo of the current garden boxes and rework them to be able to fit 4 on the side of the house so I wanted to share some before photos of what we’re working with.

Front Garden

Keep in mind, the photos I took intentionally look really terrible because I want the afters to be that much more amazing. I mean, I’m just being honest. How many times have you seen professional after photos and really terrible before photos, am I right? Here’s where we were 2 weekends ago. There was still snow on the ground, a few Christmas decorations in the planters and just over all dark and gross. Since then, we’ve transplanted the lilac in the left corner to the backyard like we wanted, removed the covering from the Magnolia, pruned the rose bushes in front of the stoop, and cleaned up the planters

Side Garden

We haven’t done anything here yet. This is our plan for this week. These planters are currently 8 ft by 4 ft, so we are going to effectively rework them to have an internal measurement of 4ft by 4ft for Square Foot Gardening.

Two views of the side garden

Back Yard

Here are two angles of the area we are going to plant in this year. The first, looking at the stone wall: on the left closest to the house will be where we plant the impatiens. We will build the trellis/pergola over the stairs, and then behind the stone wall will be where the Weigela and Boxwoods are planted. In this photo, you can also see our fence line and burning bush. This is where we moved our White Lilac bush to and where we plan to plant two more purple Lilac bushes.

The second photo is looking at the patio basically from where the Weigela and Boxwoods will be. This photo also kind of shows the side of our house that has all the utilities and garbage cans. We will be cutting out this area and adding a border for hostas that we transplanted there last year.

Most of this will happen in a few weeks, but we’re hoping to make some really good progress in the veggie garden this week to be able to show off.

I can’t wait for the afters in a few weeks. Everything looks sooo bland and grey and gross right now and I just cannot WAIT for a little bit of color and fresh veggies and flowers to start blooming.


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