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One Room Challenge - The Reveal

My new favorite spot

Well friends. We pulled off a miracle. We frieken DID. IT. Our garden is BEAUTIFUL and I am so happy with the way it turned out. We were working on it Monday, and we had 3 neighbors walk by and tell us how good it looks and (jokingly) ask if we could come to their house and build something similar. Talk about a nice little ego boost.

But I have to give SO much credit to my amazing husband for all the really hard work and building. And to my father in law for having taught AJ everything he knows and coming to help with the finishing touches.

So without further ado…..let’s get into it. Remember here’s where we started:

And here’s where we ended:

Our front yard view

The opposite side of the house with our rain barrel from our wedding! We're finally getting to use it

Loving the detailed edges of our garden boxes that AJ & his dad built

I am so looking forward to enjoying these spaces for YEARS to come. Even later this year as the tomato plants start to grow up the trellis and the Clematis. And I can’t wait for in 5 years when the stones are covered in dirt from lots of little feet walking back and forth and we’re trimming the hydrangeas because they’ve grown past the windows.

I can’t wait to teach out future children my love for gardening and harvesting veggies to make lunch and dinner with.

We have a few more yard projects we want to work through this year (like collecting vintage terracotta pots instead of black ones for my Impatients) and over the next several years, but for now, we are going to sit back on our bench and just enjoy the literal fruits (and veggies) of our labor.

There is a very solid chance that of all the projects we’ve done over the past 7 years, this is my very favorite one. There is just so many sentimental feelings that come to me from gardening, which isn’t more normal vibe, so I am just SOO in love with this garden and can’t wait to spend a few minutes every day in here.

The birdbath I searched for 6 months for. Finally found it locally, handmade out of a woman's backyard!

My favorite pot of annuals that sits atop our firewood box



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